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Marking on variable size chassis in hard-to-access areas



A seemingly conventional request, as it involves marking a VIN chassis number on the frames of motorbikes, scooters and quad bikes.

The aim is to develop a specific tool to ensure that the marking gun is held against the frame to be marked.
It is essential to design
a suitable tool for each marking area.

These tools must be attached directly to the marking gun mounted on a balancer.
The latter will be held against the frames by a pneumatic clamping cylinder.






Dot peen marking
Vehicles & Transport




To ensure optimum retention and positioning on the frame, during marking, SIC MARKING proposes a clamping solution with an interchangeable tool.

In this particular case, this involves developing a range of tools that can be adapted to the p123 type marking gun. SIC MARKING offered the client a specific development with
integrated clamping (large jaw).

Our product reference


  • Large marking window
  • Heavy use
  • Deep marking option

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