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Datamatrix Marking


Traceability management through the datamatrix code simplifies the tracking of your parts or products throughout your manufacturing, control and storage processes.

The marking of a 2D datamatrix code is commonly used for Direct Marking on a part in cases of automatic reading.

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The datamatrix traceability process consists of a series of steps: the permanent marking of a unique code, the immediate checking of its readability and then data tracking that continues throughout the life cycle of the part.

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What is a datamatrix?


The datamatrix code is a two-dimensional (2D) symbol comprising “squares”, known as “modules”, distributed within a matrix that may be square or rectangular.
It encodes a series of characters and contains a high data density with minimum space requirement.

It differs from linear (1D) bar codes, where the information is encoded by vertical bars and variable spaces, and that needs much more space.

Important point and major advantage of the datamatrix: after marking, if the datamatrix is damaged (up to 20% of its area), it remains perfectly legible!

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The Datamatrix code comprises several zones:

– Zone of silence is the “empty” zone that surrounds the datamatrix code.
It is at least the size of one module.

– “L” mark is an “L” formed by 2 perpendicular lines.

These two elements make it possible to detect the datamatrix code in the camera reading field.

– The “basic pattern” indicates the number of lines and columns in the code.

– The data zone is the series of white modules and black modules.

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When the datamatrix code is engraved on the surface of the part, it is read by a reader to check the reliability and quality of the code, in order to determine whether the symbol is perfectly decodable and that it contains the right information.

The datamatrix code is also analysed in comparison with reference standards.

This viewing equipment is easily installed, configured and maintained through their communication capabilities.

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Our datamatrix marking solutions


The main technologies used to produce a Datamatrix are dot peen marking and laser engraving.

We have many marking systems that can be integrated on, or close to, production lines, through stations or portable marking machines.

The LASER allows very high marking rates with a finely defined result. High-definition Datamatrix codes can be generated in a tiny space, down to 1 x 1 mm.

We offer the option of an integrated reader (SMART VISION) in the laser marking head. Codes are thus marked, read and checked in the same cycle, without moving the part.

We also offer a full range of fixed cameras and portable readers.

Datamatrix applications often require specific solutions.
SIC MARKING will be your partner to provide THE custom solution and will help you to implement it.
Don’t hesitate to consult us!

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