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Aerospace marking machines


Aircraft industry standards and specifications are very specific to this sector. They require perfect marking quality while respecting the integrity of the parts, that must not be affected by the marking.
The traceability of parts and components meets the safety, quality and continuous improvement requirements of the aircraft industry.
We have been working with industry leaders and their suppliers for many years.

aeronautics part marking machines

Our test laboratory allows us to test the best laser or dot peen marking solutions on parts that are often in aluminium alloy, titanium or stainless steel, before each project.

The markings applied (mainly alphanumeric or data matrix codes) concern all types of aircraft components: propulsion systems, cabin, attachment, engine elements, etc.

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marking solution for landing gear carbon disk brakes


Deep Data Matrix for carbon disk brakes

An aeronautical company wanted to improve the marking of various carbon disk brake products for aircraft landing gear.
More precisely, the customer wants to replace milled marking (alphanumeric) by laser technology and to add a Data Matrix code (alphanumeric and Data Matrix) to optimise their production process.

marking machine aeronautics control systems

Control systems

Marking and traceability of monitoring tools with variable sizes and materials

The client wanted to mark a wide variety of meteorological monitoring tools with alphanumeric codes.
Marking extends, for example, from screwdrivers to portable electrical equipment.
The items to be marked not only have different shapes and sizes, but are also made from numerous materials, such as stainless steel, plastic, etc.
In addition, on each batch change and from the perspective of optimising the traceability process

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