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Scribe marking

Scribe marking is powerful and fast, and gives aesthetic and precise markings.
This direct marking technology is particularly suitable for hard steels as it allows very deep markings or hollow parts, with limited noise pollution.

Our scribe marking machines are designed to withstand considerable mechanical loads and give contrasting and perfectly legible marking.

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The scribing principle involves direct marking of text or a logo on the material, even on the hardest steels, using a carbide stylus or diamond tip that penetrates and scratches the surface.
The stylus creates a deep groove in the material and thus forms continuous lines.

The location, size and shape of the marking are predefined by the operator using ad hoc software.

This technology is often selected for applications where the noise level in the working environment is decisive. For example, marking a large diameter hollow tube with a dot peen marking machine can be noisy, while a scriber will mark without noise.

Scribing technology is also particularly appropriate for the hardest steels.

This technology guarantees high quality permanent marking, ideal for example for OCR (Optical Character Recognition) reading applications.

Scribing technology is recommended when very deep marking is needed.


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Scribing technology



Like plate marking systems or VIN marking systems for car or truck chassis, there are many scribing applications in the automotive industry.
This technology has been chosen by many other manufacturers in metallurgy, energy, transport, construction and many other sectors.

Scribe heads can be mounted on workstations (specific solutions), integrated on production lines (integrated) or even mounted on robots.

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Scribing technology



  • Quiet
  • Very deep engraving possible
  • Compatible with the hardest steels
marquage rayage

Scribing technology



Our scribe marking heads are designed to be easily integrated into industrial production lines and used intensively.

Our integrated scribing machines are compact, consumable-free, connected, robust and protected from their external environment by a full cowling, complete with a bellows.

Several sizes of marking window are available according to your needs.

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With 30 years’ experience, we are experts in several marking technologies: Micro-Percussion marking, Laser marking and Scribing.

Our solutions are robust, technically advanced and adapted to our customers’ demanding industrial environments.

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